Best Men’s Watches Under $100

When it comes to buying watches a lot of people get really confused, and with good reason. There are literally thousands of watches in all sorts of price ranges from many different manufacturers. The selections are overwhelming and most people also stress out about the price.

They wonder if they are getting the best watch for their hard earned money and really have no guidelines to go off of. Well in this article we are going to cover a few of the best men’s watches under $100. We go with the $100 guideline because most people, if they are serious about getting a decent watch, know they have to spend somewhere between $50 and $100 to get a decent quality watch. You might be surprised though of the quality of men’s watch you can get for under $100.

Best Men’s Watches Under $100

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of quality watches you can get for around the one hundred dollar mark but we are going to focus on three we think are good watches and are priced right. All of these watches have good consumer ratings and can be easily found shopping online.

1. Kenneth Cole New York Men’s KC3784 Bracelet Watch:

This is a very handsome watch which offers a lot of quality and has received very good reviews from buyers. Kenneth Cole is a very well known name in watches because of the quality of their pieces and for very reasonable prices. This watch retails in most places for under $100 and offers quality Japanese-quartz movement and is water proof. As stated before this is a very attractive watch that most men really like.

2. Mens Lucien Piccard Leather Chrono Date Watch 28111ROBK

This is a beautiful looking watch that is bound to get attention, from men to women! This watch has a very elegant look. It has a black face with a gold mirror finish bezel. The leather strap is black which really accentuates the gold face and gold bezel. It is a three eye chronograph watch and is very cool looking also. At less than $80 this watch offers terrific value and looks, and is one of our best men’s watches under $100.

3. Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s Watch

At first glance this a little bit of a strange watch. With a silver band and red face it is striking looking, but also a bit odd! But this is a very good down to the basics type of watch. It is very straight forward, nothing to fancy but has great buyer ratings and is very well priced at less than $100.

If you are looking for a nice watch that you can be proud of you really do not need to buy an expensive watch, there are many fine watches under $100. Above are just three of the best men’s watches under $100. If you do your due diligence you can find many more. Of course if you are looking for much more expensive watches then you can also find those.

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