Men’s Titanium Watches Gift Ideas

Recently mens titanium watches have definitely created a respect of robustness and style. Titanium in itself is a heavy duty corrosion resilient metal with a silver metallic colour. While used in combination with various other compounds, this unique lightweight metal offers numerous uses, including wrist watch production. Initially titanium was implemented in the construction of watches in 1978 by the International Watch Co. in Switzerland, which had been then partly owned by Ferdinand Porsche. It was I.W.C. that achieved the process of polishing titanium designed for wrist watch construction. Inspite of the truth that production of the watches was not an easy process, the production of mens titanium watches became a big financial success.

The first chronograph wrist watch made in titanium, which were manufactured by Porsche, had been for sale for 1,300 dollars. The retail price had been a big deal back then, considering the actual technological innovation, design and style, as well as manufacturing improvement required. These days, men’s titanium designer watches are manufactured by many watch producers. The number one developer connected with men’s titanium watches would be the Citizen Watch Company. They utilise titanium in the manufacturing of nearly all of its running and diving wrist watches, as well as some of their luxurious watch brands. Citizen prefer to implement titanium simply because the metal will be 30% stronger when compared with steel, but yet it is fifty percent lighter in weight. On top of that, it is hypo-allergenic plus corrosion resistant. Nonetheless, titanium can certainly scuff and stain easily. Therefore Citizen utilizes a glass multiple layer covering which will make the wrist watches damage resistant.

Typically the sports activity and dive titanium wrist watch models are generally the most purchased in this market. The longevity and featherweight attributes assure the major advantages of its popularity, not to mention its hypo-allergenic attribute which has zero undesirable effect to the skin and supplies a comfortable look and feel even if the skin sweats. The purchase price with men’s titanium watches start out at around hundred or so USD and can reach 1000’s of dollars. Consumers with titanium watches are soaring day to day. Actually, this wrist watch sector forecasts a big increase of daily consumers over the next 2 decades.

The lightweight benefits and super strength of titanium makes these watches ideal for multiple uses, from smart designer styles to excellent sport watches, there is a watch design for everyone.

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